Yeah, we can give the 32V a try. I see you’re running a laptop– is the laptop screen deactivated when you’re running MonInfo? All product specifications, functionality, features, configurations, performance, design and other product information described herein are subject to change without notice. Under multiple displays the choices I have are Please check out our forum guidelines for info related to our community. But the tech support guys at Vizio said that the correct resolution is x 60Hz. So far no joy.

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Well I did the change and it didn’t do anything?

Hi guys, I am using Sony Bravia Ex 27″ and windows professional x64 wiht XFX Radeon 1gb DDR card the problem is that my desktop resolution shows only x recommended i wanted to go in full HD x as my monitor will support it i guess.

It’s automatically defaulting to 7. Jstn Jul 26, Size and Weight Product with Stand Dimensions I also attempted to use PowerStrip to set sisplay custom resolution, but this did nothing I’ve read somewhere that PowerStrip doesn’t dislpay with Intel.

TV as monitor , 1080p TV wont display over 1366×768? Help if u can

Thanks verymuchfor your help. That’s why I thought that one of the 3 DTD would work. Try changing the vertical resolution back to normal and see if it still blanks when you select it. Unfortunately, the Modeline I found didn’t specify sync, so there are three alternates in case that one doesn’t work:.


Screen resolution will not display x Solved – Windows 7 Help Forums

Please check out our forum 13667×68 for info related to our community. OK I tried the new 3 lines and yes the x will now appear in the drop down menu for the Intel Display however is doesn’t work.

Or more appropriately, where are you looking for it? There is another possible workaround in that case, but try the aforementioned first. For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice. Buton the display he is only getting x Even if it does work, using a decimal value like 7.

Thank you for your interest. This issue has not been replicated nor have other customers reported it.

1366 x 768 resolution

Default Monitor Display adapter Adapter description Alot of TVs have broken EDIDs this is the tv firmware telling your video display what it supports I made a tool to fix this and I will try and find it but in the mean time you should google how to change EDID settings in your driver inf. If so, post here andI’ll try to help. With a progressive resolution pall lines are written at once, then the next vizzio of lines is written. So there is TWO conflicting resolution reports.


Would that really work?

So far no joy. It was very helpful.

Product without Stand Dimensions So you’re saying when you activate that DTD, the laptop monitor switches fizio x, but the TV changes to x? Your TV may have settings to change screen size. The only resolution close to this that works is xhowever this leaves black bars on each side of the image.

Now click “Copy to Clipboard” and paste the result here. They used to stick them on with excuse that they can playback p even though they have to downscale it to p. I can help you develop a x or x resolution which eliminates the cropping, but other than that I can’t help unless you want to use VGA. So I right clicked went to screen resolution and Evp which is the name of my monitor I’m trying to set, I selected make this my main display and nothing really change still can’t select the right resolution.

Your best bet is in using the resolutions provided either i or pwith DTDs: