Board index All times are UTC. In this oral history, the four original co-founders discuss the history of 3dfx, lessons learned, and anecdotes from their careers in technology. Do you need that bracket or is it more for stability? May 24, Posts: With all the dotcom stock? Damn, I actually have the K

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Goodbye 3Dfx – February 19, – Ars Technica OpenForum

Chronoscender Ars Scholae Palatinae Tribus: I will always love my Voodoo Salem13 Superclocked Member Total Posts: You can probably still find them on Soundblaster. I had other system builds before this one, but this was the first one I went all out on and it was a rajpage gaming rig.

I have a “The Card Cooler” as it was know back in the day.

Previous to that pc I had a: So to give the Voodoo5 program a final shot, they made their last revision for the card, hereby hoping to try aim get Mhz working stable, like Mhz did. My first game that used it was Turok, which was the same as the N64 game but looked much better while not really pushing the card.

Board index All times are UTC.

A0also to show the size difference: I too sat down last night and read almost this entire post in entirety and even watched the discussion video.


I went and spent all day as long as they would let me playing games there. And was the driver WHQL certified? Got that from here: There is no material that is knowingly illegal wjn2k.

Goodbye 3Dfx – February 19, 2002

Here is a pic of my Voodoo 2 Sli system, you can see I’m only using 1 80mm fan for “the card cooler”. It’s always the same, plastered with the most uninspired stock 3D model you can think of. I also coodoo3 Linux on this system for a while to run as a Quake 3 server.

As for the Rev. It doesn’t take Hawking to sum two and two. Man, that looks pretty enticing.

I think 3Dfx’s greatest blunder was the acquirement of STB. DimebagDarrell Ars Centurion Registered: Nothing ever has or ever will impress the geeks at the LAN parties quite like that monstrous chunk of black circuit board.

This is also my favourite Voodoo5 made, since it was the first that could run stable without crashing, not all of them ran stable but a few did, the PCI-Rework which Hank applied to a few cards in was the fix to all worries, but back in week 26 of this fix did not even exist, they were still struggling to get it stable with all FSAA modes, this was still a main problem to work on, also higher clock speeds like the goal speed of Mhz did not function on all cards, as where Mhz ran fine, they would need a new revision to make higher clock speeds stable, well they thought this anyways, so they went for a new revision.


Taken from gdonovan’s Rampage info page:. After doing that it did install as a AGP but using the number after the ; didn’t resolve a perfect imagethe lines appeared again which I didn’t get when using 98SE. So their idea was to make that into an STB Banshee but they failed to realize OEMs aren’t dumb and are just gonna go directly to ATi or Nvidia from that point on, and hell if they’re gonna fight that- that’s perfect for them.

And I ran Descent 3 ver 1.

A0that being the Voodoo5 program was started in week 36 of year A1 and the Rev. I had a sweet with AMD K-6 coolers mounted on it. The actual hardware changes involve adding 4.

D Needed to install an extra cooler in the side of the case though.