I also have a compaq with a color screen that’s in pieces, it had a really weird unobtanium PSU and I took it apart years ago to try to reverse engineer. Special Order Update Location close. Please check your local sales tax laws. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. I try to avoid using it, and in fact only used it long enough to install DOS and copy over a copy of BananaCom, and now I regularly transfer files to and from it using a null modem cable and ZModem transfers. Games may have patches available to avoid it.

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I can’t find any info on whether this i. The CTpart of the ComTech DriveCore series from Crown Audiois a 4-channel power amplifier that offers digitzl audio quality in a slim design. Possibly a limitation of these early TFTs?

This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. On the other hand, Jill 2 is okay, so I think this was patched at some point. Users browsing this forum: The amplifier offers flexible input routing, allowing you to send an input signal to any of the 4 outputs. Board index All times are Dgiital.

Maybe posting it here means it won’t be as easily lost to time! I think there is some very slight stretching in x games, but I usually can’t tell and digtal has made it hard to verify. I sold that one for half a bitcoin years back and still have it, so not complaining. I wanted to post some pics and information so that there’s something actually recent out there System specs: The keyboard won’t win any awards but I’ve typed on much worse ones– although I can’t tell if I’m having trouble because of the small size, or because of the German layout on digitwl.


The power button on the ct457 just puts it in a sort of suspend mode, even when held.

VOGONS • View topic – DEC HiNote Ultra CT – A “Ultrabook”!

In what to one race is no time at all, another race can rise and fall Integrated Life-Safety features and patented feedback and protection circuitry protect the amplifier from damage to ensure a lifetime of reliable operation. If you’ve got another system with it, was common up to PIII machines. I also have a compaq with a color screen that’s in pieces, it had a really weird unobtanium PSU and I took it apart years ago to try to reverse engineer.

Overall this is a very nice system to play DOS games on.

It makes the Pismo look huge! I believe this laptop was released early in so it probably originally had Windows 3.

Crown Audio CT 4-Channel Rackmount Power Amplifier CT B&H

Of course, the size of the HiNote also means that it lacks external storage options. I still can’t figure out how Intel bought them up then produced such terrible onboard graphics.


Update Unrecognized Zip Code. The battery serves as a stand — it can be rotated to set the system flat, or elevated as shown here.

Crown Audio CT overview. You will be charged as soon as the manufacturer receives this drop-ship order.

It’s just 1KiB in size. For DOS, I’ve seen a tiny replacement keyboard driver for that layout.

Be the first to review this item. For gaming, it’s acceptable. For instance my copy of Jill of the Jungle sounds absolutely horrible. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

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Hopefully being on the underside of the board means that a leak won’t be as catastrophic, but it still bothers me a lot. It’s almost exactly one inch thick– really incredible for the digitwl.

It does not require a cooling fan, providing silent operation.