PulseAudio still has problems using the alsa drivers in the right order – thats why you hear somethings sound from your pc speaker with new Ubuntu. UUID together with initramfs. That said, do enable the native sata feature just below the ahci option. I went ahead and bought the SSD. I have this motherboard, and not such a recent kernel.

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The OS will dynamically create the pagefile and hiberfil upon deployment of the image. If you’re doing a new install, set AHCI first.

The rebate offer ends today, and I don’t want to drop the money if there’s some incompatibility with my board that I don’t know about Previous 1 2 template Next. Login or Sign Up. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile.

Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3LR User Manual: Making A Sata Raid/ahci Driver Diskette

Hey girl you want a bad boy? So that may be what is causing your issue, or it may not be? Also when you enable more drivers than before you can run into new issues – like when you use budget-av for DVB but you enable and load snd-aw2 then your DVB is dead. Please report all spam threads, posts and suspicious members.


And most most importantly, I get half the hard-drive speeds. As for eppxmp might be different, but still selecting profile 1 in the bios shouldnt disable the cpu fan speed control you dont even need to reboot to see it put it to auto or enabled then go back and change the xmp profile to profile1 and then go back to the cpu section the cpu fan control with be set to disabled. The SSD will speed this process along, but it does come at the cost of some disk space.

First of all it is not modprobe that automatically loads the drivers, it is udev. I mod my BIOS’s always.

What you can do for your box is slightly more involved, but it’s not hard, and it’s less time consuming than building from scratch.

PulseAudio still has problems using the alsa drivers in the right order – thats why you hear somethings sound from your pc speaker with new Ubuntu. I ep45-dsl3 my backup servers.

Wed Dec 14, 4: It is not always easy like this. There needs to be downloadable drivers, and easily installable ones at that. But yours may be slower? I think mine takes about 45 second for windows to start it’s processes. Depending upon your distribution upgrading the kernel is as easy as installing a driver update package same process, once the e45-ds3l gets into repository.


Gigabyte EPDS3L & EP45T-DS3R – Phoronix Forums

That’s the only real BIOS setting you need to change. As for using the gigabyte ports btw its really Jmicron i just dont trust it with raidi bought a intel board so i could use the ICH10R chipset, so i can have a nice stable raid array, i just came from ICH5R ep45-es3l never had a problem.

Ahh, ya I was confused about that I think!

I’d like to do the same thing, essentially: MidnightFrost Gerbil Team Leader. We receive spam notifications and will take immediate action!

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I’m paranoid given how old the boards are, and I’m essentially a total noob about this technology. So, best is to disable AHCI and use 2. Micron, and you can use the Direct from J.

When is Linux going to catch up to the 21st century? Board index Hardware Storage.