Front Cover Only Makes copies with a cover output on a different type of paper before the first page of the document. Loading Paper Load paper with the side to be copied or printed on face down, and insert the paper lightly along the paper guides until it comes to a stop. Select [Time Zone], and select [Change Settings]. Page – Digital Signature Sending E-mail with a Daylight Savings With this feature enabled, the machine automatically adjusts the current time when daylight savings time starts and ends. Target Operation Set the operations to be restricted.

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The following shows the reference section for each item. System Administrator Login ID Data remains in the printer Cause The machine is not powered on.

When placing a call docucwntre-ii, we recommend turning the line monitor volume to “Loud”. The actual printable area, however, may vary depending on the printer plotter control language. If no subject is specified, the preset subject will be automatically entered. You can check whether a job has been completed successfully.

XXX cannot be set. For information on how to specify recipients, refer to “Step 3 Specifying the 22055 E-mail Sets the selected address as CC. Local Address List Displays the local address list. To set a user-defined subject Select [Subject]. To learn about print features, click [Help] on the print driver screen docucentre-ij see the print driver’s online help. Problem Solving 16 Problem Solving This chapter describes problems that may occur with the machine and their solutions.


File Destination – Line Setup Classifies received documents by line type and stores the documents in specified mailboxes. Clicking on the [Import] button removes stored documents from the mailbox, and saves dofucentre-ii in the specified directory. Copy Mode Settings Select the feature to be displayed, and select [Save].

Enter the value for Y2 in [Y2] using the numeric keypad, and select [Next]. E-mail More Characters Displays symbols.

DocuCentre-II 2055 Drivers & Downloads

Transmission conditions for broadcast transmission – When sending a document via a broadcast transmission, it can be sent to both iFax and regular fax addresses at the same time. Supplies Supplies Supplies You can check the status of consumables on the [Supplies] screen. Open the Tray 5 bypass. If xf select a non-standard size, specify values for the X and Y directions.


Comment The [Cover Note – Comment] screen is displayed. Action Receive the fax manually, or set the receiving mode to Auto. Action Correctly specify the shared name.


This allows you to use the button as a short-cut to the screen.

There are two ways of selecting the language: Insert the staple cartridge into the machine until you hear it click into place Close the front cover of the finisher.

Also, do not try to remove paper wrapped around the heat roller.

Fuji Xerox DocuPrint C4350 PostScript Drivers for Windows 7

Available fonts Available fonts are the followings: Refer to “Loading Paper in the Trays 1 to 4” wrinkled. Pseudo-Photo Gradation Mode You can set the toning method for photo originals. Stored Programming stores feature settings and a series of operations. Setup Menu With the numeric keypad, enter the address number to or group dial number 01 to 09 for the broadcast destination, and select [Add].