This program cannot be run in DOS mode. I can actually send someone one of them. Hi iconner, Since you are in Precise and not Lucid like netipot your problem could well be the input-attach rule. But the hardware is good and not a loose connection. I put the files here http:

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I was able to get sound working by using alsamixer in the terminal. Accpi like it’s actually a TouchKO digitizer, which were bought out by wacom. So I don’t think it is worthwhile to pursue that but for comleteness sake: Invalid type ‘touch’ for this device. I’ve had success in the past on that old laptop that can dual boot to Ubuntu Studio 7.

Would love to put them to use. We can probably find an example of the old setserial configuration line.

ACPI\ACPI\WACF006 HP Compaq Presario CQ35-217TU drivers

Only sound comes from mic-jack, not speakers. My impression is that those who have, except for a few models of readers, still have problems with it. They removed a ton of the options by default from the sound menu in Does it use a Wacom active digitizer pen also?


Ansi based on Hybrid Analysis 6bdefdaff6bc83f2aebe7d89e38ec36ab7f. I have searched the forums and can not find how to get dead hardware keys to be found and working. Unfortunately X still crashes when I manually configure it to use wacom devices on ttyS0, but maybe if I go back to square 1 on that, I can get it going too.

Invalid type ‘eraser’ for this device. EXE Winzip Win32 self-extracting archive generic 9. I look foward to seeing the community make a work-around. There’s a couple bug reports on that. Get your own cloud service or the full version to view all details.

Hi Favux, I am not familiar with that model. Sorry I’m slow, right now I’m distracted coding for my little python applet. Wacdump won’t work when X starts. I truly appreciate your continued help. I actually think I’d be more interested in getting those hardware buttons working.

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My input attach doesn’t have wacom as a valid mode. You should be able to use xidump, as xcpi “xidump stylus” with X running. Applying InputClass “Wacom class” [ The TouchKO was bought by wacom at pretty much exactly when these tablets were purchased. Hi iconnor, Welcome to Ubuntu Forums! Click an analysed process below to view more details.


Maybe knowing some more details like when might give us a better fix on things. Domain Address Registrar Country widgets. Thanks for the file I don’t have a waf006 partition anymore so this helps.

Mon, 09 Aug I found some interesting things in the inf files. I’ll check out hotkey.