Regardless of the option you choose in this step, the software required for media server role is installed automatically on the host. The makedev script creates the attach point, displaying messages indicating its progress. For example, to modify the minimum length for user passwords, type 2. If the setup script is interrupted, then some temporary files, named OBnnnn or OBnnnn. A welcome message stating the Oracle Secure Backup version number and then displays progress messages. If you want to use the default values and omit customizing advanced installation parameters, then enter n. The Oracle Secure Backup install program uses a temp directory during the installation process.

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The link names themselves can be used as Oracle Secure Backup device attach points. Preconfiguration of system device attach points is not necessary for running discoverdev to configure Oracle Secure Backup devices on an AIX media server. To configure advanced settings, the setup script displays a numbered list containing the parameters that can aux configured. AIX does not define a group root by default.

The maximum value for an Oracle Secure Backup logical unit number is Yes, if –addinghostid hostname is not spedified –securepath Bypasses the secure location check.

You must have root access to run ioscan. Oracle Secure Backup supports non-interactive installs for client hosts. To enable sgen drivers: The keystore password is used to encrypt the keystore containing all the encryption keys. Restart the system for this change to reflect. You must have operating system privileges to access devices, which is often root access, to run lsattr.


Before you install Oracle Secure Backup on your host system, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:. Fileset Level State Description Path: This section explains how to run mkdev in Linux. If this type of software is running, unexpected behavior from your hardware can result.

dW:AIX and UNIX:AIX Forum:Help defining a generic scsi device (gsc) – AIX Forum Forum

Oracle Secure Backup logical unit numbers are assigned as needed automatically on Windows. This option should only be used when the backup administrator has confirmed that the Oracle Secure Backup path is protected against all non-root users. Yes, if –addinghostid hostname is not spedified. To silently install a client and disable the secure registration feature, use the following command:.

The host must also be configured to automatically reload the driver after a restart. To modify a particular parameter, enter the number adjacent to that parameter and provide the required values. Change to the Oracle Secure Backup home directory.

You must be able to log in to each host with root privileges to perform the installation. The installation completes and the following message is displayed after a successful installation:.


Any such remnants will be overwritten.

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The default setting is displayed in brackets beside the option name. You can obtain these details from the output of the prtconf -Dv and dmseg commands.

You also have the option of performing a silent installation of an Oracle Secure Backup client host role. Enter the new minimum password length that you wish to use. Bypasses the secure location check. Oracle recommends that you choose a password of at least 8 characters in length generi contains a mixture of alphabetic and numeric characters.

If the setup script is interrupted, then some temporary files, named OBnnnn or OBnnnn. Configuring Devices on Linux Media Servers. To omit the IP address check at the time of installing the client, use the –noaddinghostid option while invoking the Oracle Secure Backup installer.

To identify and configure AIX devices with lsattr and makedev: