All lines are being seen as raster data. If I understand the situation correctly, it is not actually needed on other platforms. This output was identical to Inkscape output, it was “discretized”. Unfortunately, the problem may be that this is done in printer units, which you may not know ahead of time. I am not entirely sure if this will run as-is on your machine because it depends on which version of Inkscape you are currently running, but give it a try, and if there are error messages then report them here, together with the version number of your Inkscape.

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This should cut on the laser cutter, but instead it is rasterized and etches. Laset errors are mine Catherine – drop me a line – dignazio mit.

Again, many thanks for limux help. For Fab modules only – What you see in that window will actually be rotated degrees in the machine.

It appears as it will be printed. Then you could epolog any stroke width you like in Inkscape to make it easier to see, but still get the desired output.

It would still be really nice to be able to print directly from Inkscape.! To give different parts of the drawing different settings make the things different colors in the document.


Comment on this change optional.

Steve Morris stevem57 wrote on It also starts from the bottom and engraves epipog. Could you please check, if there is a regression? You should see your job name appear on the machine’s screen. The output I get is attached here. Casey Borders thebeast wrote on It is hpgl vector graphics as can be seen from the commands which it contains: Cosmetic pens don’t support caps epiilog joins but if the line is 1 device unit wide this won’t matter.

Then use the vector print extension.

Epilog Laser Mac Driver

On the windows side the document is NOT rotated degrees from how it will print on the machine. My stroke is set to 0. Join Date Oct Beans 3. I suspect the problem with laser cutters is that the cairo win32 printing surface uses Geometric Pens for drawing lines see http: It appears to be pure vector laaer as expected.

If not, reboot the laser cutter. I have an Epilog Zing Laser Cutter and when I try to print to it directly from Inkscape it rasterizes all of the lines instead of cutting thin lines.


The FabLab’s Epilog laser-cutter Mini 24″

Also, the Win32 Vector Print is a Windows-specific solution that will not work on any other platform. Printing the file to PostScript with Inkscape 0. Epilog Fusion M2 Series. Results 1 to 3 of 3. Any new document will have document properties the same as the bed of the laser cutter 36″x24″. The old Windows XP machine died lzser was running it and I had to replace it. I’ve submitted a patch to win32 Cairo so that it properly sends anything smaller than epilkg device’s smallest unit size as a hairline 0.

Laser Cutter Tutorial

I have learned how to output vector to my VLS using the export method using the win 32 vector export. However this is your choice to make, depending on whether or not you are connected.

I compiled the driver and installed it, following his instructions on the website.