You can select the images you want to print using the corded remote device, which features a built-in colour LCD screen for viewing images. The six-button controller with a 1. You only have to buy an 8×10 frame, for one thing. Installing inkjet cartridges can take nerves of titanium. If you’re going to start a revolution, there’s no sense straightening your tie.

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You can change paper sizes mid-cartridge by simply adjusting the paper tray, slotting a different size of paper in the tray, and installing a different cartridge.

The paper and glass don’t expand and contract at the same rate. If you’re going to start a revolution, there’s no sense straightening your tie. No xD slot Prone to dust.

Why didn’t Hi-Touch go all the way to 8×10? We’ve updated the firmware on several Hi-Touch printers in the past without ever encountering a problem. Update Unrecognized Zip Code.

Digital Imaging Printer Review: HiTi PS Photo Printer

But with the PS, Hi-Touch has revolutionized paper size, too. We tossed a lot of 3.

A carry case is now available for the Series in response to demand from customers who wish to protect their equipment investment. The software allows you to create hk-ti calendars, posters, greeting cards, ID photos, and CD label stickers.


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That may be economical but it suffers from a couple of drawbacks. Unsure which Series Printer to buy? It kind of reminds us of the days when all the labs were printing 3. While previewing your images, you can press the Edit button.

The problem is color alignment. A “new generation” ribbon provides “extra durability and superior color performance.

When you see one you want to print, press OK. And you’ll 730;s doubt get Newton rings where contact is under pressure. But what can you do with a 6×8 and its 3: Rated 4 out of 5 by John C from Mac support is beta at best. It has a hand-held controller and is capable of yi-ti printing from digital camera memory cards. These models are the choice of many professional photographers that want to print the larger 7×5 and 8×6 sizes.

I really like the plastic coat finish. But most importantly, you’ll be thrilled every time you click on Print.

You can print 12 one-inch ID photos or 9 two-inch ID photos on a 4×6 sheet. The PS isn’t just a good idea.


Hi-Touch Imaging HiTi 730PS Digital Photo Thermal Printer

We started our clock the moment we hit the Print button, so just think of our time as real world and theirs as technically precise. With no messy inks, dye sub printing is very clean.

It works along similar lines as most diffusion printers, and requires special paper and a cartridge of coloured film for applying the dyes 730pps a series of passes. A 4×6 print gets framed in ih-ti 4×6 frame and an 8×10 print in an 8×10 frame.

The manual suggests covering the printer when not in use to prevent dust from entering it. So you have to buy consumables including the cleaning kit for the PS. Since the introduction of the PS, we’ve seen HiTi printers showing up all over the place from our local photo dealer to major online retailers. With all HiTi Photo Printers the quality is superb by having the ability to print