It should be run as a privileged user. Connect Devices Easily to PCs. For example, a user might submit multiple operations to the same channel and only enable an interrupt and callback for the last operation. Provides an alternative to interrupt and system-to-user memory copy operations for each packet Together, these capabilities work in concert to address data-flow bottlenecks across the platform. To download the sample application, click on the button at the top of this article. Transform Your Network with an Open Platform To take full advantage of this network capacity, data

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Performance measured by the written sample application in this article. Most network issues could be resolved with faster servers, higher bandwidth network interface cards NICsand various networking techniques such as network segmentation.

Copy operations can be used to offload memory copies to the DMA engines. Its purpose is to move data in memory from one virtual or physical address to another, consuming CPU cycles to perform the data movement. Transform Your Network with an Open Platform To improve inte, transfers to and from applications, IT managers are investing in new networking and storage infrastructure to achieve higher performance.


Deploying 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Improves CPU-network interface integration for better memory-copy performance Scalability: The default mode is to accumulate. For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Iintel Notice. Copies larger than max transfer size 1MB, but may vary by hardware are not supported.

IntelĀ® I/O Acceleration Technology

Please consider upgrading to the latest version of your browser by clicking one of the following links. The example shows how to prepare the buffers and perform the memory copy, along with hardware configuration and full build instructions. This may be desired to reduce the processing and interrupt overhead per descriptor, especially for workflows consisting of many small operations.

Skip site navigation 1 Skip section navigation 2 Header And Logo. Buffers for individual copy operations must be physically contiguous. For example, a user might submit multiple operations to the same channel and only enable an interrupt and callback for the last operation.

See below for information about the hardware and software configuration of the system used to create and validate the technical content of this article and sample application. Workload Consolidation for Communications Net Improve network application responsiveness with more efficient data movement and reduced system overhead.

Future versions will likely support this by breaking up the transfer into smaller sizes. Transform the Network, Transform Your Busines Server consolidation requires large numbers of virtual machines VMs per physical server.


Intel I/O Acceleration Technology (I/OAT) []

The benchmarks are logged and results compared. Typically 4 or 8. Each may be used independently. Want to link to this manual page? Velcom Network Virtualization Video 0: To take inntel advantage of this network capacity, data SPDK runs on Linux with a number of prerequisite libraries installed, which are listed below.

Intel I/O Acceleration Technology (I/OAT)

Operations on a single channel proceed sequentially. Share Tweet Share Send. Introduction Business success is becoming increasingly dependent on the rapid transfer, processing, compilation, and storage of data. For example, such a scenario can happen when two related DMA operations are queued.

This increase in network traffic is due to the confluence of a variety of market trends. Jonathan Stern is an applications engineer and solutions architect who works to support storage acceleration software at Intel.

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